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      Blackstar Halo: Wolf the Mender music video out now

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      Blackstar Halo: Happy holidays everyone! Hopefully we can reveal our next steps for 2021 soon, stay tuned! #blackstartroopers

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      Blackstar Halo: @nanawel You are welcome

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      Blackstar Halo: Times are tough, but so is this song. Here's some Remedy for you all...Stay safe, #blackstartroopers! 🤘🏾 All the be…

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      Blackstar Halo: @nanawel You can get your copy from bandcamp will sell wav files in couple of days. Thanks for support!

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      Blackstar Halo: Blackstar Halo - Siren (Review by Sergio Andrés) lähteestä @metaltemple

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      Blackstar Halo: This is the coolest thing since 7 strings were introduced to BSH!

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      Blackstar Halo: Album out! Have a spin!

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    The Queen single released

    June 8th, 2018

    Eight years after the 2010 album “Illuminated”, Blackstar Halo from Tampere Finland, is releasing a new album “Siren”. The first cut from the album, a track called “The Queen” is coming out todaty 8.6.2018 on all major digital platforms as well as a music video on YouTube. The album itself will be published in autumn 2018.

    The song flirts shamelessly with 80’s disco with its groovy rhythmic foundation, but the real teeth of it are the heavy, low-tuned and melodic guitars.

    The video for the song keeps the light and entertaining touch and adds a shallow, almost pop-esque feel to it. The video is co-starred with Jussi Koivula, a boxer from Tampere who also appears on critically acclaimed movie “Daddy loves you”.



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