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    BSH goes BTC

    December 11th, 2013

    We recently had an Indiegogo campaign for our forthcoming album. We raised some money though it, but ALAS, not enough to complete the total plan we had. So we need to implement few more steps to our plan of creating the greatest Blackstar Halo album ever!

    We are now introducing a new and buzzy way to chip in: Bitcoin! It is a great new electronic currency that can be created by anyone with a PC. You can either mine it or just purchase it from various exchanges. Since there is now a great hype for crypto currencies because of Bitcoin’s success we want to be part of  it and accept donations as Bitcoins.  Because Bitcoin is currently valued very high and its a bit hard to mine and we wanted to make sure anyone can take part, we are tucked up our sleeves and created donation addresses(wallets) for every possible other  crypto/digital currency we could think of.

    So now you can toss us some change digitally just by click of a mouse!

    Here are our donation wallet addresses:

    BTC: 14LziRmjVJABrmyTu7jSj9tnpbCpGCW1gy

    LTC: LiD4hUWiH3jFGzC9YA43BSvWJ4txseGBFr


    MOON: 2Y5YbUSAB7kwrnjLjqagJxSZWstWvxYyJZ

    EAC: ehbmYrmkcGvosE6WUBmuJLrKYBpygvzcNS

    TIPS: EYQVuiJziGu5RJmZPfpeVywx4WhDDo7NLA

    WDC: WRT1GwdGs4Lfc9Bgiaem8nwR4rc5ceGZmH

    FTC: 6jRR6GPdHoLDDbbpmn66oe4ZNzND3fa34i

    CGB: 5k63zKkWyqrwQvUbLLdX929ydMM79eiq7Q

    MEC: MMnfLQyoEbavk5KVuswUTftLFhmMg5N4Xd

    LKY: LCKDzs3YTbq5zq1VwvADoCH6hLmDw5Coi6

    PPC: PAG3rkML2dxmapGHJ7NDtgWQddvLp7ogG1

    CAP: EnNoGrtZVJAuLq8rMZ2mk8dCwKCWyFdH5U


    4) You need to have fairly good computer for mining and remember that you pay for the electricity!

    5) We are no experts on this matter so please forward any technical questions to the internet. In other matters feel free to send FB message, tweet or mail!

    6) If you don’t know what the heck you just read you can just buy BitCoins from many many places with reqular money.