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    Blackstar Halo was originally formed in 1998. At the time the band was called Downfall. The band released one full lenght album (My Last Prayer, 2002) and two EP’s (Dark Parade, 2001 and Downfall,2006) under that name. In 2009 Downfall’s path came to an end and the band transformed to ”Blackstar Halo” – with a new lineup and direction.

    Blackstar Halo released it’s debut album “Illuminated” in 2010. The album was pre-released nationwide in Finland, in then prominent film rental chain ”Filmtown”. Along the album, a music video was released from the title song “Illuminated” made by Energia productions and Obscure entertainment ( the makers of Star Wreck and Iron Sky).

    The defining sound of the band has moved towards more modern melodic metal with heavy low tuned riffing. This evolution started already on “Illuminated” but has really broken through on the band’s latest work “Siren”, released September the 13th 2019.