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      Blackstar Halo: Season’s greetings from Blackstar Halo!

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      Blackstar Halo: @ValenarS Album is mastered. Publishing date is not yet decided.

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      Blackstar Halo: Follow us on instagram!

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      Blackstar Halo: One of my (Hannu) major source of inspiration has saddly passed away. Rest in peace @ChesterBe

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      Blackstar Halo: 8 years in twitter, time flies. Maybe we shold have tweeted more

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      Blackstar Halo: All 10 songs mixed for upcoming Siren album! Next step is mastering.

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      Blackstar Halo: News about the Siren album!

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      Blackstar Halo: A little peekaboo draft from Siren album cover. #willitbeeverready #whenehenwhen #melodicmetal or…

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      Blackstar Halo: Blackstar Halo Siren album sampler v1: via @YouTube

    Update on Siren album

    January 24th, 2014

    I think we owe you guys some info about the project Siren. So as you might know the Indiegogo -campaign did not go as well as we would have liked and because of that we cannot proceed fully on the project, as we intended. But we promised you a class A- record in any case and we intend to keep that promise. We have now started plan B and so far it seems to be working out very nicely.

    The mixing we talked about earlier ALAS is impossible with this budget but we found a great alternative which we will reveal later. Now we are focusing on the album mixing and delivering you the goods you ordered from the Indiegogo -campaign. Please send us your shirt size if you have not already done that! We will extend the campaign to our website for everyone who missed the opportunity. We will not however provide all things we did at our initial campaign, because we want our most loyal fans to have something special.

    We have also chosen the track for the first single from the album. This piece is now being mixed to its final shape and also a storyboard is being made for the promotional video, which we will shoot in March 2014. We are now starting the final phase of this project and really pushing the limits to put out an album that you deserve – Stay tuned!