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      Blackstar Halo: A little peekaboo draft from Siren album cover. #willitbeeverready #whenehenwhen #melodicmetal or…

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      Blackstar Halo: Blackstar Halo Siren album sampler v1: via @YouTube

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      Blackstar Halo: @ValenarS current merch and old albums can be ordered from our website

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      Blackstar Halo: @ValenarS Yes we are. Just edited last song!

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      Blackstar Halo: @Ag1lity123 yep but almost in the end zone. It has been a very difficult ride.

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      Blackstar Halo: Song title revealed maybe.

    Metal Asylum Promotions to promote Blackstar Halo

    June 17th, 2013

    Miika Kuusinen and Metal Asylum Promotions will now take care of promotional work in Finland for Blackstar Halo. Miika is very well known metal journalist and promoter, so this co-operation is another step forward for the band. Metal Asylum Promotions and Miika are starting their job with the promotional duties for the upcoming Blackstar Halo album “Siren”.

    Miika “Mega” Kuusinen ja Metal Asylym Promotions hoitavat tästä eteenpäin Blackstar Halon promootiota. Suomen metallipiireissä toimittajana ja promoottorina erittäin tunnettu Miika aloittaa työnsä Blackstar Halon kanssa tulevan “Siren” -albumin promootiosta vastaavana.

    Metal Asylum Promotions