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      Blackstar Halo: Season’s greetings from Blackstar Halo!

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      Blackstar Halo: @ValenarS Album is mastered. Publishing date is not yet decided.

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      Blackstar Halo: Follow us on instagram!

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      Blackstar Halo: One of my (Hannu) major source of inspiration has saddly passed away. Rest in peace @ChesterBe

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      Blackstar Halo: 8 years in twitter, time flies. Maybe we shold have tweeted more

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      Blackstar Halo: All 10 songs mixed for upcoming Siren album! Next step is mastering.

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      Blackstar Halo: News about the Siren album!

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      Blackstar Halo: A little peekaboo draft from Siren album cover. #willitbeeverready #whenehenwhen #melodicmetal or…

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      Blackstar Halo: Blackstar Halo Siren album sampler v1: via @YouTube

    Happy Holidays!

    December 26th, 2016

    Hi Guys!

    Long time no see. It has taken so much longer to finish everything and I am very sorry about that. We started recording in 2012 and now its end of 2016. The video for the first single was shot in 2014 and its yet not released. I have worked hard all these years with my limited resources to make Siren album come alive. Two songs are already mixed 2 years ago, but to get the rest of the songs ready have taken every bit of my energy I could spare. There has been many hardships along the way… the hard disk containing all the songs got formatted by accident, erasing 2 months of work just to name one. BUT.

    Now: All songs are being mixed as I am writing this. We have rehearsed the new songs hard and are in pretty awesome shape. Album main artwork is done. We are about to get stuff out: Indiegogo rewards, singles, gigs and everything else. I am confident we have made a good and relevant album even though times have changed so much after we have started making this.

    Happy holidays!

    Hannu / Blackstar Halo